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  1. Can anybody recommend a software package that can be used to create a photo slideshow that I can burn to a DVD to play on a DVD player connected to a TV where you press the remote control [Next] button to manually advance the photos one at a time?
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    This is a hard one.

    For the title to work the way you'd like it to, you would either have to:
    1. go the ridiculous route where you encode each picture as a minimovie and author so each movie stops at their end and waits for prev/next chap commands (and this has limitations with # of titles/chapters
    2. Encode the picture series of mpeg stills (single frame each, i-frame only), usually strung together in a single title,but authored with an app that recognizes mpeg still structure. This is usually limited to the pro apps: Scenarist, DVDMaestro, Encore, DVD Architect pro, and Mac dvd studio pro. There may be a few others, but I'm not aware of any, especially not freeware types. Would love to be proven wrong, but the field hasn't changed much, it being a passe format. You'll also need an encoder that can create mpeg stills for mpeg2. Tmpgenc could.

    Hope that helps,

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  3. Thank you for your response but I would not know what to do based on your suggestions.

    I have purchased a number of movie DVD's that have still photo gallery in the bonus section where you advance the photos manually. I have checked out a dozen slideshow software packages and none of them offer a manual advance feature. I would have thought this would be a standard option. I hope somebody knows of at least one software package that can do that.
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