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  1. eBay and Amazon offer 'converters' that ostensibly accept 1080p/i video in and output NTSC or PAL video. I'm not referring to the simple cable breakouts with the appropriate connectors, these 'converters' require power and evidently have smarts inside. These sell in the $10/$30 range.

    My question is, can I connect the HDTV HDMI output of whatever I'm watching on TV (satellite, Roku, Blu-Ray, off-air) and run it through this contraption into my standalone DVD recorder? I'm wondering how the program aspect ratio is handled; that is, would the DVD play at 480i on any player, and would the picture be watchable, squashed, or what?

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    As discussed here, the real issue the converter not allowing the conversion of an encrypted HDMI signal:
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