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  1. Happened to me too a few times. I often run a test encode first to see everything is alright. When I run the final encode I save that with the same name and when I overwrite it get's the runtime from the testfile.
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  2. Did you use the standard VCD template or did you change some of the settings. For example I used Sefy's SeVCD template to make a 95min movie fit on one 80min CDR. My DVD player (Apex AD600A) says the movie is 77min long, but when you play the VCD it runs for the full 95min.
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    Yes, I'm using the standard VCD template that came with TMPGEnc. The settings are the same.
    Bayag: A little more info on the test file please. How do make the test file and then have it use the runtime for the final file?
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