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  1. Could you please explain how to find video URL for the following video -

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  2. Use a browsers Developer Tools (F12, network tab) to get the mpd link. Then download with youtube-dl:

    The default is to download the "best"version. If you want lower res version use the -F switch to see what's available:

    C:\Youtube-dl>youtube-dl -F
    [generic] manifest(format=mpd-time-csf): Requesting header
    WARNING: Falling back on generic information extractor.
    [generic] manifest(format=mpd-time-csf): Downloading webpage
    [generic] manifest(format=mpd-time-csf): Extracting information
    [info] Available formats for manifest(format=mpd-time-csf):
    format code          extension  resolution note
    5_A_aac_eng_2_127_1  m4a        audio only [en] DASH audio  127k , m4a_dash container, mp4a.40.2 (48000Hz)
    1_V_video_6          mp4        320x180    DASH video  260k , mp4_dash container, avc1.64000D, video only
    1_V_video_5          mp4        480x270    DASH video  540k , mp4_dash container, avc1.640015, video only
    1_V_video_4          mp4        640x360    DASH video  917k , mp4_dash container, avc1.64001E, video only
    1_V_video_3          mp4        960x540    DASH video 1907k , mp4_dash container, avc1.64001F, video only
    1_V_video_2          mp4        1280x720   DASH video 3039k , mp4_dash container, avc1.64001F, video only
    1_V_video_1          mp4        1920x1080  DASH video 5860k , mp4_dash container, avc1.640028, video only (best)
    Then use the -f switch to pick what you want:

    youtube-dl -f 1_V_video3+5_A_aac_eng_2_127_1
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