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  1. I'm transferring some gaymaletube old 8mm home videos live sex to digital through a fairly cheap third party video encoder. However what I didn't realize was that the videos encode natively into MPEG-2 format xtreamporn . Which brings me to my question, MPEG-2 xnxxvideo is part of the Quicktime family, and Quicktime is no longer beeg com supported by Apple. I've done my research and I need the Quicktime porndollz MPEG-2 codec for OSX. Unfortunately after some time on the phone with Apple they told me I'm SOL because it's not theirs anymore.
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  2. Originally Posted by john stro View Post
    the videos encode natively into MPEG-2 format.
    Is that what you require?

    Originally Posted by john stro View Post
    Which brings me to my question, MPEG-2 is part of the Quicktime family
    Really? OK I need to scrub a little 20 year memory section of my brain. Really man, what makes you say that?
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  3. Actually MPEG-2 is the video format used for, among other things, DVD video and what used to be used for TV video signals. It is common to find older capture hardware and software that supports that video format. Most common now is MPEG-4 because of the better compression and higher quality video VS MPEG-2.
    If you are using a Mac OS, then QuickTime is an expected software. If you are expecting to save the digital conversion to DVD, then MPEG-2 is needed, so it might be a consideration to work in the Windows environment for this activity.
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    The legacy Quicktime player could handle a multitude of codecs (if my memory serves) certainly mpeg1 and, probably, mpeg2

    But I do not think Apple ever 'owned' it. More likely they licenced it for compatability purposes.
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    Here's the in-depth skinny on that issue:

    MPEG2 is part of the MPEG family.
    MP4 (the container, not any codecs) is a fork of the QT MOV container, but that is the only near-native connection between MPEG & QT.

    Macs USED to use Quicktime to play videos, and when they did, there was available - FOR AN EXTRA COST of ~$29USD - an Apple-branded but MPEG-licensed QT plugin that allowed one to DECODE MPEG2 video (only, no encode - that would require other tools). MPEG1 decoding was already included freely with QT.
    That was up until they changed from QT to AVfoundation as their framework/platform/subsystem.
    The NEW Macs use AVfoundation only, and for the next few months, if you can find a copy of the MPEG2 plugin, you could still use it to IMMEDIATELY CONVERT using the QT updater feature in AVfoundation, into a newer, more modern codec (e.g. AVC, HEVC, etc) in a MOV container. It won't allow you to do anything else (because they consider it a legacy format which has been deprecated).
    After that (Oct 2019?), the newest version of MacOS will NO LONGER support 32 apps of any kind (which includes QT, QTupdater, MPEG plugin, etc), and so you would truly be SOL, at least using (newer) Macs and using QT/AVfoundation.
    AVfoundation itself DOES NOT SUPPORT 3rd party plugins of any kind. So no luck in the future.

    You could, however, use ffmpeg to convert using a Mac, as it uses its own internal decoding & encoding libraries which are not dependent on the Mac's default AV subsystem. Assuming, of course, that they have a 64bit version available for after Oct.
    Or you could use a dedicated 64bit conversion tool ($$).
    Or you could easily use a PC (Win or Linux), using one of MANY apps to do the conversion, including ffmpeg.

    Hope that helps,


    (you can see from this kind of BS why I've soured on Apple as a true, open media tech platform)
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  6. The most important thing about any format is the TOOLs
    My app solves most of the video problems..
    From thumbnails to random play.
    To slow motion..
    Use long filenames like I do. To control the thumbnail play segment
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  7. Originally Posted by SpectateSwamp View Post
    The most important thing about any format is the TOOLs
    My app solves most of the video problems..
    From thumbnails to random play.
    To slow motion..
    Use long filenames like I do. To control the thumbnail play segment
    I've not even been drinking tonight. Why do I feel like I have?
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  8. My app plays mpeg-2 format video like no other.

    Instead of a pathetic blurry pic for a ThumbNail

    This app can randomly or selectively play the beginning 2 or 3 seconds of video as a thumbnail
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