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  1. what i have access to:

    full encrypted video file (video_132_0_600.mp4) near about a GB
    full encrypted audio file (audio_7407_0_1102.mp4).

    mpd file which has cenc pssh keys

    <Period id="0">
        <AdaptationSet id="0" contentType="video" maxWidth="1920" maxHeight="1080" frameRate="16000/544" par="16:9">
          <ContentProtection value="cenc" schemeIdUri="urn:mpeg:dash:mp4protection:2011" cenc:default_KID="2f1a9e8c-9df2-500d-a772-2d5bde624c78"/>
          <ContentProtection schemeIdUri="urn:uuid:edef8ba9-79d6-4ace-a3c8-27dcd51d21ed">
          <Representation id="0" bandwidth="479601" codecs="avc1.64001f" mimeType="video/mp4" sar="1:1" width="1280" height="720">
            <SegmentBase indexRange="979-6638" timescale="16000">
              <Initialization range="0-978"/>
    what i tried so far?

    i used mp4decrypt.

    mp4decrypt --key KID:PSSH input.mp4 output.mp4

    output.mp4 is generated without any errors but the video is still blank.
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  2. Nothing within the mpd can directly be used with mp4decrypt.
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  3. what other details i need to decrypt? and which software will decrypt?
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  4. Average video editor Sviests's Avatar
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    You can only decrypt it if you know the original base64 key that was used to encrypt it in first place.
    Or if you have enough coding skills to write the code yourself.
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  5. in which file it will be present? can we access it anyway using developer tools??
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