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  1. Is there an application out there that allows one to position graphic subtitles anywhere within the viewing area of a video?
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  2. All the subs together? Yes, within the IDX file extracted from a DVD. Individual subs? None that I know of, not without an OCR and positioning the ones you want and then converting back to graphical for DVD or whatever.
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  3. Yes, I was thinking individual subs. I have some foreign TV series that do it. When there is displayed information ( Producer/Director/Makeup, CIA Headquarters etc...) in the movie and people are talking the subtitle either a little above the displayed information or top/bottom of screen depending.

    I believe the sub-pictures specification allows for positional subtitles but I canít prove it because Iím too stupid to understand it. Check out and look at SET_DAREA and/or SET_DSPXA.
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    BDSup2Sub will change the positions of the idx/sub,you can do it for the whole sub or individual lines.
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