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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of creating bilingual files for my NAS server, and I have these sets of original files :

    For the french part, a mkv with video and audio at 25fps
    For the english part, a mkv with video and audio at 23,976fps

    As the english video file is better, I would like to keep it and only process the 25fps french audio to 23,976fps, which usually works (with MeGUI) on other shows, as the length of both audio tracks when at 23,976fps match.

    Even when they don't, the english original 23,976fps audio is shorter than the french converted to 23,976fps file, and all I have to do is compare the length using WavePad, point where the first "note" appears and cut the delay. (with delayCut)


    on this specific show and set of files, my french converted audio files are shorter than the original english ones.

    I am therefore caught off-guard as to how to proceed to sync the both audios (and therefore the video to those two) as the french audio 23.976 file is in sync at the start of the video, but gets out of sync as video progresses... surely due to the size difference i can't fix.

    Thank you heaps,


    PS : if you need more specifics feel free to ask away

    EDIT : The title should be 23.976 (not 23.9976)
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    There may be a few edits in one of the versions. a scene shortened or lengthened. Check the playing times at their natural frame rate to establish they are truly identical.
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  3. Yes, unless the frame count between the two versions is identical, the audio might wind up out of synch anyway. If you insist on continuing, you'll have to determine where one of the versions has an additional or a missing or a different scene. It could even be missing frames here and there, especially at scene changes.
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