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  1. Really learned from the forum posts that even if can not find a PBS video if have correct url they can still be streamed and dl.

    Decided to try so checked wiki for NOVA and found used the link and got

    Was able to watch the video (Screen 1) so used youtube-dl-gui-0.4 port but got Error (Screen 2).

    Tried Chrome Stream Video Downloader but dl arrow gray so checked Quick Guide and found "The video is playing, but the button remains gray. Why can that be?
    In all likelihood, this is a licensed video that can't be downloaded from the site, or there are technical restrictions (for instance, the RTMP format may be used)." (Screen 3).

    Am interested to find out if anyone can dl this video. If can please tell how did.
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  2. use youtube-dl:

    That got me the 1280x720 version. I used a browser's Developer Tools (F12, network tab) to get the m3u8 URL.
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  3. Forgot to add when tried searching at PBS website and using it to go to url the video could not be played (Screen 4)

    Examined the difference in urls

    Then decided to search for MP4 found at bottom of page "ed2k Links
    PBS.Nova.Search.for.the.Super.Battery.720p.HDTV.x2 (856.76 Mb) Subtitles: [eng] Retrieve Share Stats"

    Clicked on underlined portion "PBS.Nova.Search.for.the.Super.Battery.720p.HDTV.x" but did not work
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    First, I downloaded and installed the latest version of TVDownloader (A simple GUI for youtube-dl.) from VideoHelp's Software pages and installed "The Stream Detector" addon in Firefox.

    Next, I used Firefox access I could play the video. (A promo for NOVA:The Planets played first.) I right-clicked the icon for "The Stream Detector" and obtained the following link (It's the same link that jagabo posted):
    I pasted the link into "TVDownloader" and was able to download a 720p MP4 for "Search for the Super Battery", which played perfectly.
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  5. jagabo & usually_quiet,

    Thanks for your tips and comments.

    Will add I am a NonTechie Beginner. A friend recommended "Stream Video Downloader" for Chrome and since I normally use Chrome was interested. DL and installed it.

    Search for the Super Battery was first PBS video I tried to DL and did not work and youtube-dl-gui-0.4 port also did not work so posted this.

    Some time later when went back the DL arrow was green so dl the 720p MP4 and it worked. Retried earlier today and the DL arrow was green. Have no idea why it did not work originally yesterday?

    Thanks again for your help.
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