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    maybe I have a too old hardware, that's my guess.

    It's very good, but surely oldfashioned:

    It has android 4.2.2, and that is, for sure, and old old old version! But I cannot update it. Well, that's not too bad, I succeeded installing Kodi.
    Now the Kodi version supported is 16.0, and cannot be a more recent one, alas.

    So, my problem is to be able to read subtitles with other fonts than arial.
    Everywhere I had looked , I see I must install font in this path:Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/media/Fonts
    But, as you can see, the path on my Android stops too soon:

    Do you know if there is a way to add other fonts somewhere?
    I like very much Trebuchet, because letter "l" has an embellishment. l

    Well, I hope there is a solution. If not, I'll surely buy a new media-center.
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    1rst, download an ES file Explorer that can show the hidden files!
    2nd, go to settings, show hidden files.
    3rd, open successively:
    - Android
    - data
    - org.xbmc.xbmc
    - files
    and you'll see the magics operate: the hidden file .xbmc (or .kodi). Yes, beginning with a dot! Strange, no? Open the file.
    And then you can open
    - media

    Now, you just have to create a new file : Fonts (be careful to write exactly with a capital "F" followed by small letters "onts"
    In this file, now you paste yout ttf fonts (I read somewhere that they must be written in lower cases, too. I don't know, I used trebuchet, all written in small prints.)

    This is the first part.
    Now you'll have to go to the kodi parameters, system, settings, video, subtitles, and change from arial to trebuchet (or any other one you like).

    Result, all your subtitles will be written with the new font.
    That was very good for me (except the point that I sometimes have several fonts in the same subs I recreate, I don't know how to read all of them at the same time, but hardcoding them...)
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