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    I have i7-7500U, Intel HD 620, 8GB RAM, 3200 x 1800 res display.

    I use the below setting for my MPC-BE.

    1080p movies play fine with the current settings but 4k videos don't. Is the problem because I've got only Intel HD 620?

    But the same 4k video plays fine in the PotPLayer with the default settings.
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  2. you can try using MPC BE with internal filters not with lav filters
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  3. LAV Video D3D11 native is only compatible with madVR renderer IIRC. Try setting "DXVA2 (native)" as HW decoder instead to reduce overhead from copying from/to GPU (or similar option of MPC-BE filters if you want to follow somespirit's suggestion). If you open the active LAV Video instance during playback it should say "Active Decoder: dxva2n". Of course it's required that your video is in a format supported by your GPU to begin with (luckily Kaby Lake does support the most common 4K formats so it's probably not the issue).
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