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    I have a video movie running at 29.97fps. When I burn it to DVD, using the Freemake Video Converter, which converts it into 25fps - I cannot alter that. The resulting DVD looks a tad jerky, especially on fast movement in the scenes.

    I have Xmedia Recode Video Converter, which will let me convert to all of the popular kinds of frames per second. A few examples: 24 25 29.97 30 50 60 ...
    Yes, I set the Freemake accelerator to off for a smoother burn. If I don't do this the videos are extremely jerky
    Does anyone know if my video would be anymore steady if I was to convert the 29.97 fps over to, perhaps, 30 fps? Or will it not make a hapeth of difference? Remember, it burns to DVD as 25 fps..

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. True progressive 29.97 fps material isn't common (movies are usually shot at 24 fps). So your source is probably jerky to begin with. Converting it to 25 fps is going to make it more jerky. The difference between 29.97 and 30 fps is hard to see -- one little jerk every 33 seconds. But if you're making a authored movie DVD you can't make 30 fps.

    One needs to see the source video to make specific recommendations.
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    More so, if you are in England you do not even have to convert it to 25fps.

    Author to an NTSC dvd at 29.97fps. All dvd players in the UK can play it.

    And just use avstodvd not these one-click programs.
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