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  1. Please guide regarding the title, that text slides for just few seconds i want to remove from video and virtualdub supports mp4 then advise how it's possible. I tried couple of times but virtualdub not load the mp4 & wmv file.
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  2. VirtualDub can load mp4 videos if you install the right source plugins and codecs. But use VirtualDub2 since it comes with everything you need to open almost any AV file.
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    As far as I know, there is no simple method of removing these scrolling text banners - if that is what you are refering to?

    With static text, delogo/blurring/mosaic applications vary in effect and the end result can often stick out like a sore thumb and be far more distracting than the original watermark/text. Use with care.

    If the text is in the middle of the screen or pops up randomly you would, most lilkely, have to remove the text manually from each frame - which is difficult and very time-consuming and the end result will probably not look good. A better solution would be to find a retail version of the video sans text/watermarks.

    If the text is scrolling at the top/bottom of the screen, try the method below.


    Only crop the video at the point between where the text starts and finishes - it is the least 'destructive' method.

    Whilst ensuring the cropped area has the same aspect ratio as the original video, lock the crop area at the center bottom/top of the frame so the scrolling text is just above/below the cropped area (depending on the location of the text) and, when happy with the position, crop - Repeat for each section affected.

    You loose a little of the frame either side but the change in the apparent 'zoom' is very small and momentary. Often, depending on the video, text at the top is less difficult to crop out than text at the bottom. Not a perfect solution, but all I can suggest.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
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  5. Sliding text is shown in the middle of the screen and it's 6-8 seconds text.
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  6. Apparently the Delogo plugin is quite good :
    Now this recording is of very good quality, but there is one problem; naturally, due to the recording's nature, there's a channel logo/Bug/DOG on it, and it is very distracting due to being in the bottom-right corner of the screen and having such a distinctive shape. I decided I'd try and have a go at getting rid of this using the Delogo plugin for VirtualDub (an adventure in itself, but I got there in the end) and am positively surprised with the results many frames don't even hint that there was ever a logo in that region of the screen to begin with.
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  7. Originally Posted by abolibibelot View Post
    Apparently the Delogo plugin is quite good
    It depends on the nature of the logo and what's around/behind it. It can range from near perfect (tranparent logos, flat shaded background) to an ugly dancing blob that's much more distracting than the logo (opaque logo, detailed and moving background).
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