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    Hi, I recently made a post days ago about having issues with VirtualDub and dropped frames, obviously I'm not using a TBC because I don't have one at the moment.

    My new method of transferring VHS to digital is to go PC-less because I only have a Win 10 high-performance laptop and I'll skip the PC method for now. I am wanting to use a JVC SVHS/DVD recorder combo w/ TBC built-in for capturing, then rip the DVD to digital and do my editing from there. From my research on DigitalFAQ and VideoHelp, I see that TBCs in these combo recorders aren't the best. My budget is strict for this project. My question to ask is does anyone have any experience using a JVC SVHS/DVD recorder combo (SR-MV30U, SR-MV40U. SR-MV45, SR-MV50U) for transferring? I'm looking for terms of if the TBC is actually good (I'm assuming it's a line TBC and not a full-frame, though I'm not capping straight to the PC this way). Do I need an external full-frame TBC for this machine as well? Also if the picture/sound quality is superb enough for a "professional" transfer? Although the JVC SR-MV models are considered professional, just want extra advice before making a purchase on eBay and ending up with the "wrong" model. Also If I go this route, for DVDs, do you guys recommend using DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM? I'm going for DVD+RW right now, but let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    Maybe I should not answer here but it will give you something to think about.

    To answer your Q's re TBC's, any combi/combo TBC will be of the line variety. A full-frame TBC has no use here unless you use the unit for a PC capture down the road.

    Combis can NEVER be described as 'for professional use' although there exists some commercial transfer houses that do use them. They are a quick 'n dirty method to go from VHS to dvd with few bells and whistles.

    And 'dirty' can have a dual meaning here. VHS is a noisy format and this method of transfer will show up the noise even more.

    And whilst you can rip a resultant dvd to a PC for editing you already have a lossy mpeg2 source which will hardly get better - in fact it is likely to get worse.

    And all that if the fleabay purchase actually works well. You are buying in to old tech which could well have been used past it's sell by date.
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