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  1. Hi!
    Please guide regarding title how to remove Water mark or few seconds subtitle/text slide from video file.
    Appreciate your prompt reply.
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  2. You could use Delogo inside of VirtualDub. I created a short tutorial showing how to remove a small dust dot, but it was designed to remove logos and subtitles.
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  3. Thanks John but mp4 is not working in VirtualDub any advise?
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  4. Try VirtualDub2. It'll open MP4 videos directly.
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  5. Originally Posted by manono View Post
    Try VirtualDub2. It'll open MP4 videos directly.
    Yup. That's my answer too.
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  6. VirtualDub2 is bitt difficult to inderstand and there is now user guide available for the filters of VirtualDub2 to remove sliding text from video. Any Advise ?
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