Hello, i Had Download A Videos from Steaming Site, .ts file and TubeDigger auto Muxed That into MP4 and Playing perfectly

But when i encode that videos using megui, audio not synced perfectly, i tried to change delay and it will match only some parts and again audio out of sync,

then i had muxed that original Downloaded video in mkvtoolnix (MKV Format)

After Muxing in mkv still video playing well, then i extract audio and video secretly then found some length issue

Downloaded Videos : 00:43:04
Encoded Video : 00:43:04 [Same as original]
Extracted Audio : 00:47:02 [Not Exact Length with Videos] extracted from original DL file

#Now my issue is, When i encode that videos and Audios, Audio are out of Sync,

How I Can Fix Audio that Exact Match with Video Length and sync audio properly