Several years ago, I learned about a program called DV Analyzer, likely here on this forum. I learned that MiniDV videotapes consist of metadata, including DV timecode, rec. date/time for every frame, video error concealment data, audio errors data, etc. I was successfully capturing miniDV tapes at the time, bit-for-bit, as advised by people on this forum. No transcoding.

Now, I have a large collection of miniDV tapes to capture, consisting of material of interest by a friend. I realize this forum is DIY-oriented. In fact, I can still capture miniDV tapes myself. But to save time, I wanted to use a service, and can afford to pay for it.

Two services that capture MiniDV tapes in my region told me their process doesn't capture the metadata. One said that I was their first client to ask for it. Would anybody be willing to recommend a service (anywhere in the U.S.A.) that does bit-for-bit captures of miniDV tapes? Or is my only hope doing it myself?