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  1. Like Panasonic ES recorders.
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  2. Doubtful. The Panasonic DVD recorders had panasonic-made decoder/system chips, this one uses a Philips/NXP SAA7137 analog/digital video decoder, and a LSI system chip. It may help a bit with frame stability/audio sync, but the SAA7137 chip doesn't do much to fix horizontal wiggle like the panasonic machines do.
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  3. I read on this forum that other brands like Toshiba can do what Panasonic can.
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  4. Yeah, I know at least, Toshiba RD-XS models, Pioneer DVR-_30 and newer, and Sony RDR-HX_50 (possibly not the latest models) and newer have NEC chips that have a similar, but not quite as powerful TBC-type function. There could be other models like their HDD-less versions, and brands using them too.
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