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    My issue here today is that I am needing to digitize some VHS tapes containing recorded content from TV back in the day but I'm having issues with dropped frames and audio sync when it comes to digitizing VHS to digital interlaced AVI. I'm using my SVID2USB23 dongle as my capture card.

    I am aware that a TBC will make VHS digitizing easier and improve the picture quality, but those things are expensive and out of my budget. The VCRs that I am using are both Panasonic models, PV-9450 and PV-VS4820 (SVHS model). When only capping with the SVID2USB23, the picture is minty clean IMO (VCR heads are manually cleaned) and not jitter, it's just that analog corruptions jack up the frames and causes my audio to go off sync. I could manually adjust the audio in Premiere, but any frame jitter at any given time will bump the audio off and I don't have time nor interest to go deep in the video to fix the audio sync.

    I'm sure this issue has been discussed a million times on the internet, but are there any possible ways to not have the AV sync go off [w/o the need of a TBC]? I know this sounds silly, not to sound stupid here. I'm sure a TBC may fix my issue here but again, on a budget here. Thanks.

    Equipment: SVID2USB23
    Panasonic PV-9450
    Panasonic PV-VS4820

    Computer Specs:

    HP OMEN 17
    Intel Core i7-7700HQ
    16 GB RAM
    NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 4GB
    Intel HD Graphics 630
    500 GB SSD (main storage)
    2 TB HDD (secondary storage)
    Windows 10 Home x64
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    I do not have a capture set up right now but I am almost sure there is a setting in vdub about dropped frames.

    The idea is you let the software drop video frames to keep the audio in sync. Here it seems you are trying to capture all the video frames warts and all.

    And, yes, a full-frame TBC will clean up the video signal to prevent the glitches.
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