Hi everyone.

Feel like I'm finally get the hang of Avisynth now, however the scripts are still giving me a bit of a headache.

When I am working with my VHS captures, I commonly encounter the three following problems... Unfortunately I really don't know what they are called so I don't know what to search to fix them. My workflow is jvc hr-s5700am SVHS > S-video > Panasonic ES-10 > Svideo > Diamond VC500 > Virtualdub (HuffYUV Avi).

My issues are as follows...

1. Jumpy frames (I would like them all stabilised so the movie flows smooth)

2. Static/Damage on frames (Would like it corrected as best as possible)

3. Typical horizontal and vertical jitter/static from VHS tapes (Would like it corrected/removed).

Thanks for your work and appreciate any help!