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  1. As I discovered the FastBlur Avisynth plugin the other day, I thought I'd give it a spin blurring for the FrostyBorders function, and it was a big improvement. So a new thread for the version of the script with nicer looking borders. The required plugins are included in the zip file.

    See post #4 for changes.

    Usage is quite straight forward, and there's a help file included, but the standard usage is to specify a width and height and the script resizes and adds FrostyBorders as required. ie

    For anamorphic sources, by also specifying the appropriate input display aspect ratio or sample aspect ratio along with the desired output width and height. ie
    FrostyBorders(832,468, InDAR=4.0/3.0)

    The new version is more configurable, giving more control over how the borders look, and it's now possible to specify a resizer rather than only being able to use the default. There's also a function named Borders() included. It resizes and automatically adds borders the same as FrostyBorders, only it adds plain borders instead (black by default).

    For anyone who's downloaded it recently, I'll update the CropResize script again with the new version of FrostyBorders. Sometime soonish. The new version will be dated 2019-07-20 or later.


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  2. This is hopefully just a temporary version to work around what I think is a FastBlur bug.

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  3. This should be a better fix for the mod8 width problem, which may only be an Avisynth 2.6 issue. It's less restricted. See the "Mod8 Width Fix" text file in the zip file.

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    There's also a new version of the standard version of the script in the opening post. Just some very minor tweaks.
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  4. So it's possible the FastBlur mod8 width problem only effects CPUs that don't support SSE4.1 (FastBlur 0.1).

    I don't know why I didn't do it originally, but the "mod8 width fix" version of FrostyBorders now pads the borders to mod8 if need be, blurs them, then crops them back to the original width. The output should be the same as the standard version of the script and there's no longer any output width or height restrictions.

    Both versions of the script are in the zip file in the opening post, now dated 2019-07-20.
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