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    I've been trying to download the following video: .

    I've tried ffmpeg, youtube-dl etc to no avail. I finally managed to download the video with the TVDownloader software, however it seems that whatever manifest file i input, i can't get a version with sound.

    Can anyone help me with this? You may have to create a free account to watch the video or if you don't want an account, just PM me and i'll give you my login.

    I'd appreciate any help.
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    I used TheStreamDetector for firefox to get a long long .m3u8,then called list formats with youtube-dl:

    C:\youtube-dl>youtube-dl -F ""
    [info] Available formats for _.m3u8?source=
    format code             extension  resolution note
    audio-aac_eng_2_31_2_1  mp4        audio only [eng]
    39                      mp4        audio only   39k , mp4a.40.2
    211                    mp4        320x180     211k , avc1.64000c, video only
    661                    mp4        512x288     661k , avc1.640015, video only
    865                     mp4        768x432     865k , avc1.64001e, video only
    1273                   mp4        1024x576   1273k , avc1.64001f, video only
    1885                   mp4        1280x720   1885k , avc1.64001f, video only (best)
    After this you can select which audio and video you want.
    You can either choose best from both by going:
    youtube-dl -f best+best ""
    Or if you want a lower resolution video (e.g. 576p),then -f 1273+39

    This should mux both video and audio.
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