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  1. Im trying to move the subtitle to a movie to the top of the screen but dont know how to do it. Can anyone help me?
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  2. alt+up
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  3. Doesn't work
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  4. What kind of subs?

    Do you have hard subs or soft subs?

    You can't move hard subs - they are burned into the picture
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  5. soft sub
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  6. Can you toggle on/off the subs ? alt+h

    maybe you have the keys mapped differently ? right click => subtitles => subtitle style will show you which keys to move up/down/right/left
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  7. And if they are ASS/SSA subs, you have to edit the sub style ; potplayer can't move them
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  8. Try this option:

    Preferences > subtitles > ASS/SSA subtitle style: > "Override all style".

    Or some of the options in the second column of Subtitles tab.
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