I have an VHS/DVD-player (Samsung DVD-V5500). Which is about 15 years old or so. It have always worked fine. One year ago i was looking trough a bunch of old VHS-tapes and after quite many the VHS-player was not able to play the tapes. I pressed them in, press start and after some seconds it just ejected the tape and it is not winded so it is behind the arms in the player. I was then trying to fixed it by looking at YouTube-videos. Cleaned it, opened that mode switch (which on mine was like a plastic piece inside that alligned. I cleaned it and hopefully got it into right place again). But overall without success..

Today i wanted to give it another try. Would be nice to fix it, it is a nice player. So i press in the tape and there is a arm at the right with a roll that presses the tape to one metal bar, and i think it is here the problem is. Because the tape should go in to the right roll on the actuall tape over time. But it like bends a piece out instead and after this it stops and ejects the tape.. I have attatched a picture to show where the tape starts to go out.

[Attachment 49536 - Click to enlarge]

I tried some different things. Cleaned, changed the belt to two rubber bands to see if this was not the case. But yeah, without any luck

Do anyone know what this could be? Im lost about where it is since im not so familiar with the mechanism on this subject. What sounds like the main cause? What should i start with to do?

Thanks in advance!