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  1. Hi All,

    Apologies first of all I am a complete newbie to the world of 3D.

    I have a file which is half SBS .264 and I would like to burn this to a disc if possible (I know it's easier to play it as a .mkv file but I prefer physical). This isn't a commercially available file, it's not something someone ripped to Half SBS, it was made like that.

    From what I can see official 3D blu rays are MVC encoded, with AVC, MVC and SSIF, and I don't have access to a blu ray authoring program that accepts those.

    My question is can I just burn this .264 file the same way I would a normal blu ray and just press the 3D button on my remote when playing it? Or does it have to be re-encoded to MVC and authored that way (in which case I'll just give up now!).

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    H264/AVC original standard is 2D, MVC is one of the 3D extensions to it.

    1/2sbs, etc is what is known as "frame-compatible" type of 3d, which means it is a type of 3d that fits being stored & transmitted AS 2d, and needs to be interpreted as 3d (often manually) in order to re-adjust to a 3d display system.
    However, that type is inherently compromised by the 2d bandwidth, so it will have 1/2 the resolution in the X dimension (and also, therefore, 1/2 the res in the Z dimension).
    Trying to re-encode to MVC (a type known as Service-compatible 3d), even if successful, will have at least 2 additional quality problems.

    1. One more generation down with a lossy encoder, so more artifacts (losses)
    2. More losses due to resizing back to non-squeezed versions (and you don't get back true detail, since it was thrown away already).

    All that JUST to make it a legit, official style "Bluray3D" that can be played in any bd3d player device or app and have it AUTOMATICALLY turn on 3d.

    If those 2 things are not requirements (official/compatible, automatic) are not a priority for you, then YES, you could just author your h264 asserts as Bluray (2d) and manually turn on 3d and pick between the arrangement mode at playback. But by not being official bd3d discs, if others use your discs you will have to ensure they know what kind of 3d mode this is set as and how to properly manually engage the corresponding 3d feature on their devices.
    This should remove the 1st quality loss, but not the 2nd.

    If you do not even intend to author as (2d) bdmv but instead are just burning (2d-ish) media data files to disc, similar caveats apply, but with the added constraint of reduced compatibility (universal compatibility is not ensured with simple media data files).
    This WILL remove the 1st quality loss, but not the 2nd.

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  3. Thanks Scott - much appreciated. It will only really be me and a few friends using it so I'll encode it as a 2D project and preserve the quality, I can even add a short video in front of the movie explaining the viewer needs to select 3D on their TV etc.
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