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  1. So I can successfully hardcode my .ass subtitle file and produce an mp4 video, and all the stylizations and effects are included, but thereís a problem with the fade effect. My fade outs are quite long (2000+) and those will start to fade correctly but then cut off right near the end, as in the last part of the fade isnít gradual. Is there any way to fix this? Iíve tried exporting the subtitles in .srt, using the clean tags, fix styling, and transform framerate. Iíve tried encoding the video using h264 & mpeg4(this made the video glitch however) and I donít know what else to do. The length of the fades donít exceed the length of the lines, so there shouldnít be a problem there. The shorter fades (2000-) work just fine though so somethingís still wrong with the longer ones. Iíve even trying playing my hardcoded video using different media players to make sure it wasnít just one being faulty, but the problem persists.
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