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  1. I converted a 7.1 audio to stereo WAV with eac3to.

    The audio volume is good, except for parts where there are explosions or shooting, which are way too loud.

    Is there a way to process the audio so that the normal parts remain unchanged,
    and the loud parts get decreased in volume, so that the loudness becomes equal?
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    Think about it: an "EXPLOSION" is supposed to sound louder than "talking" (excepting micro-size or far away).

    A gain compressor can change that balance, but there are interactions, so unless you know what you are doing you could make it worse in a multitude of ways.

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    He's right, it's very easy to compress it to the point of distortion, making dialogue LESS understandable.

    If your player has an audio eq, try dropping the lowest band in level. That's pretty effective with explosions, also that pounding bass you often hear when things are about tp get sinister. That drives me nuts.
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