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  1. Hi. I've just finished work on a DVD that required AssumeTFF() prior to QTGMC(). There are 2 final VOBS which are the DVD's 'extras' and when I applied separatefields() the frames were 'jumpy' (as expected - I assumed it would be the same as the main DVD). However, neither AssumeTFF() nor AssumeBFF() makes any difference.

    Can anyone suggest why this might be and what I can do about it? Thank you.
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    Post a clip of this source, a good 30 seconds showing some steady movement if possible
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  3. Hi davexnet. I made a clip using Mpg2Cut2 and, out of curiosity, put it through MeGUI's Indexer. It's OK - just needs AssumeTFF() same as the main DVD. The 'extras' VOB begins with a menu screen so I'm guessing there's something there that prevents the complete set of VOBs from being indexed correctly.
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    General rule: Never work in AviSynth with VOB files as authored on DVD (ripped in file mode). Always extract the desired "movie" with one PGC with one angle, or you may confuse AviSynth source plugins in case the DVD was not already minimalistic in its logical structure. Some VOB files may contain still images (as menu or info screens, or just dummies to force you to watch copyright violation warnings, etc.) which can already cause async audio if not properly skipped.
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