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  1. last time I downloaded some youtube videos was maybe several months ago,
    but when i tried to download now, YOUTUBE-DL or FinalVideo downloader did not work anymore
    the videos i tried to download were educational videos, they were not download-protected(at least last 5 years) and free to download, like herbert gross's calculus or some other math videos

    1 .are my YOUTUBE-DL and FinalVideo downloader too old and outdated?
    2. did youtube block all downloading services from now on? and there will be no more

    anyone can tell me what is going on?
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  2. Did you try updating the youtube-dl binary ?
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  3. I never update on my own, because there are many different makers of ffmpeg and dl, i am not sure of them. i come here once in a while and ask for a best version or made. it never happened to me like today, nothing worked all of sudden, so i worried that downloading from youtube be no longer permitted.

    it seems that it was not the case, i will go and look for a recent version.
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    Running "youtube-dl -U" from the command-line is everything you need to get the latest update.

    Sometimes this or that site changes something that requires youtube-dl's source-code to be rewritten.

    Anyway, it's possible that the actual problem is your operating system if its name is Windows 10
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