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  1. Hi.
    I want to bach merge videos with audio.
    For one episode there are two qualities (HD and FHD) and one audio file.
    All files have .mp4 extension.
    The name pattern looks like this:

    001f_1920x1080 HD.mp4, 001_1280x720 HD.mp4, 001a_Spanish (es).mp4
    002f_1920x1080 HD.mp4, 002_1280x720 HD.mp4, 002a_Spanish (es).mp4
    003f_1920x1080 HD.mp4, 003_1280x720 HD.mp4, 003a_Spanish (es).mp4
    Is there a way to batch mux audio and video? I want to make sure that correct audio will be merged with video.
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  2. Try:

    for %%a in ("*(es).mp4") do (
    	set number=%%a
    	ffmpeg -i "!number:~0,3!f_1920x1080 HD.mp4" -i "%%~a" -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy "!number:~0,3!f_1920x1080 HD ES.mp4"
    	ffmpeg -i "!number:~0,3!_1280x720 HD.mp4" -i "%%~a" -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy "!number:~0,3!_1280x720 HD ES.mp4"
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  3. Thanks, it seems to be working.
    Is there an option to automatically delete video and audio files once merged successfully?
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  4. Should be possible by checking ffmpeg return code (IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 ...). Not sure how reliable that would be.
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  5. Can you provide a script if that's not a problem. I a noob with this stuff unfortunately.
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