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    Hi guys, first of all I wish to say hi and my English is not my first but I trying to do my best

    The thing is Iīm using Handbrake to encode my MKVs and in Encoder profile I donīt know what to set up if Main or High?

    I mean, I check with mediainfo and the original MKvs says high@4.1

    So far I had not noticed about this Main or High and I encode various MKVs in Main and I can watch on my TV all those without any problem

    So, for see whats happens I tried encode with High profile and Main profile some movies and the same movie previously encoded with High get almost 1gb more size

    But something that I confused is, what I get with High comparate with Main? quality? or compatibility?

    I donīt know, like I said I watched various MKV movies and play and the video quality is excellent

    You donīt have any idea how much I will appreciate your help and if you could help me so Iīll get clear about all this?

    Thank you in advance!!
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  2. If you don't know the finer details of Profile/Level, leave them alone. Leave them on the default/auto setting. Handbrake will set them accordingly dependent on all your other settings. This is the 'correct' way to do it. For some strange reason, some people think setting these higher improves something, it does not, it only makes the file less compatible with hardware devices.

    Give this a quick read....
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