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  1. I need help with file format to stream videos direct from own web site for students to purchase and download.
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  2. mp4? Well that's the file container name but there are other streaming formats. Look up 'Video streaming' on google for more options. Some good paid one's are Vimeo and Youtube. But to set up your own site that charges for viewing or downloading is more complicated and has some pitfalls.
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  3. Post the videos on YouTube as non-listed and use the links on your page.
    And if you need a live stream, use OBS studio.
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  4. Hi,
    Thank you for the info, Are using YouTube at the moment and have tried Vimeo, but I am wanting to host on my own web site so have full control of managing content without students going through links to somewhere else.

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  5. Have made a DVD for sale and all OK and would like to do a download with menues etc just like on the DVD, but have come up blank with how to do this for a download.
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