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    As you can see with this attached GIF, its blending frames together, its almost like motion blur, or SVPFlow kind of thing.
    I want to use QTGMC with absolutely no filtering. No denoising, No SVPFlow sort of thing, just deinterlace.

    The script im using right now is:
    havsfunc = importlib.machinery.SourceFileLoader('havsfunc', r"C:\[ENCODING]\StaxRip\\Apps\Plugins\VS\Scripts\").loa d_module()
    clip = core.d2v.Source(r"E:\American Dad Stuff\SD\S01\S01E01\S01E01.d2v")
    clip = havsfunc.QTGMC(clip, Preset="Placebo", TFF=True)
    clip = core.vivtc.VDecimate(clip, cycle=5)
    clip = clip[::2]

    The original clip is "24000/1001" Progressive with a Scan Type of 2:3 Pulldown, but when using DGIndex, the resulting .d2v file is still interlaced (when ignoring pulldown flags)

    Does anyone have any ideas?
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  2. That's a very common problem with QTGMC.
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  3. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    That's a very common problem with QTGMC.
    Nothing that can be done about it for a better deinterlace?
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  4. QTGMC know to have problems especially with this type of animation

    But what is the reason for deinterlacing in the first place ? Usually animation is not interlaced

    Can you get a clean IVTC ? Or just bad source ?
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  5. QTGMC it's a very good tool but it's not the best tool for everything. Here I use yadifmod2() for simple things that doesn't require the power of QTGMC.
    As poisondeathray said, animation in general are not interlaced unless it's a bad source.
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    You have to experiment with the "sourcematch" and "lossless" parameters in QTGMC. An edgemask would also help.
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