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  1. i'd like to deinterlace some old footage that i have. i'm using vegas for editing and x264vfw for rendering. what i'd like to do is use the yadif=1 deinterlace method that as i understand it doubles the amount of frames in the video similar to vlc's yadifx2 mode. however, i get an error when i use "--yadif=1" or "--yadif 1" in the command line box. i've seen through google searches people using commands like -vf yadif 1 or -f:v yadif 1 with ffmpeg, but neither of those seem to work with the vfw version. does the vfw version not support it, or am i using the commands wrong?
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    x264vfw does not have yadif built in. You need to use something like Avisnyth or FFMPEG to use Yadif and pipe it into x264.
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  3. got it. thanks.
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