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  1. The other week, I had a Sony AX-2000 camera fail in the middle of a show (turned off, would not turn back on, regardless of power source). I then discovered that all of the video shot with that camera over the previous couple of days was totally distorted, despite there being no outward signs of any problems while recording prior to the day it died. The distortion looks like the kind of dropout we used to see on old DV tape cameras with dirty heads, though that's obviously not the problem here when shooting on SD cards. Here is a sample clip:

    This is the .m2ts file imported through the Sony Content Management Utility, but the original .MTS files on the card look the same. I've tried running the clips through Adobe Media Encoder to different formats, but the issue carries over into whatever format I convert to. I have no problem importing or playing the files in Premiere, but the "dropout" is so constant that the footage is pretty much unusable. If I try putting the files on the timeline in Vegas Pro, it crashes the software. Has anyone encountered anything like this? Are there any solutions out there that would help me salvage these shows?
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    If the original files have the same errors then there isn't much that can been done. This is data corruption of the video file itself. I could recreate the problem by simply opening up the file with a hexeditor and replacing chunks of the file with 0000s or 11111s. So either the Camera was not able to encode and transfer the files fast enough before its death, or the card simply is bad and has a corruption problem. I'd bet it's the camera's fault considering it died after this.
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