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  1. Originally Posted by CaptainJack View Post
    Thanks for the info. Obviously you are very knowledgeable so
    Lets say I do have many years in the field.

    Originally Posted by CaptainJack View Post
    I am not disagreeing w you but what I don't understand is that there are videos all over youtube about cleaning heads and nearly all of them show that when you get intermittent blue screen - that the problem is dirty heads that need to be cleaned.
    There are videos on Youtube of people saying the earth is flat, that Elvis Presley still alive and other crazy things but it doesn't mean it's true. There is no video on youtube that teach you how to proper service a drum head, I've looked over the years and they don't exist. All the videos you see there are made by amateurs or hobbyists.

    Matthew 7:6 "Don't give that which is holy to the dogs, neither throw your pearls before the pigs"
    Because of videos like that correct information fall into deaf ears, we all know how this goes, "my friend said", "the video show", etc, etc.

    What happens is this, the drum (top and bottom) get contaminated by tape residues, air pollution, tobacco "gunk" from cigarette smoke among other things. When you clean/decontaminate the drum you make the surface smooth, the tape can have 100% contact with the surface again and the heads can read a clean signal from the tape. This is what this Youtube videos show, it has nothing to do with dirty heads.

    It's OK to use paper to clean the drum, but it's not OK to use it to clean the heads, when you use paper to clean the heads what you see on the paper it's not dirt but removed head materials. Maybe it doesn't cause any harm with VHS heads, but it can do some damage with 8mm/HI8/DV heads.

    Originally Posted by CaptainJack View Post
    Shortly before I got the blue screen, I had been inserting a tape into the camcorder but the door accidentally got closed BEFORE the tape mechanism was fully inserted/complete so that the tape was - for lack of a better expression - clamped in-between the door and the body of the camcorder. It was "mildly" clamped - not anything extremely forcefull. I wonder if that is what causes the blue screen?
    Yes it can.
    Depending on how much pressure you use it, only a professional can tell what is wrong.

    Originally Posted by CaptainJack View Post
    I assume only a professional has the equipment to read the rf signals?

    Originally Posted by CaptainJack View Post
    Canon does not service tape based camcorders anymore.
    It would prob. cost at least $300 to have the camcorder serviced, even if I can find a place that would service it.

    I can get a used one for $300 in ebay but then the heads are probably just as bad.

    This is a real dilemma. I need a tape based camcorder inorder to be able to get my footage that I shot over the last 10 years into my computer. There is a lot of footage I never did anything with yet but intend to still use it.
    That is why I've closed my shop 13 years ago and many are doing the same all over the world, the time and effort we need spend to service a camera doesn't worth anymore. There are labor cost involved, some time we need to service a camera for hours, we waste time finding parts, waiting for parts to be delivered, we need to disassemble the mecha like this to decontaminate the parts, grease everything, etc:

    It might look easy but it's not, it requires some skills to handle it.

    Originally Posted by CaptainJack View Post
    Here's just one of MANY videos stating that blue screen means there is a problem w dirty heads that need to be cleaned??
    So how is it that the problem could be misalignment?
    I guess maybe a blue screen could indicate either or both?
    Blue screen means the heads are not getting the correct signal.
    The video show the guy decontaminating the DRUM, it doesn't mean the heads are dirty.

    This is the problem, people do this things but they doesn't understand why they are doing it, they "believe" they are cleaning the heads but in fact they are decontaminating the drums. The dirt on the paper is not dirt, it's head material.

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    The thread has been explained enough so I'm closing it.
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