Hello, Long time since I been in here.

I'm seeking help with an issue playing TrueHD Atmos files.

My setup is Xbox One X connected to Samsung 5.1.4 Atmos (HW-K950) via HDMI, Sound System connected to TV via HDMI ARC.

When I turn on the Xbox One X, display on Samsung Shows Dolby Atmos.

I can play The Dolby Atmos Demo disc (TrueHD Atmos files) I download and sound amazing. However when I play an MKV with TrueHD Atmos there is no sound.

I downloaded a file with Eac3 Atmos and it plays amazingly also, clearly hear the Atmos doing its job.

I cant figure out why the TrueHD Atmos wont play from movies I grabbed.

**I confirmed that the HW-K950 supports TrueHD Atmos as well as updated all firmware .

Please help
Thank You