I'm using Subtitle Edit to extract dvb subtitles from from .ts files.

When I Open the .ts file in SE, I export to "Blu-ray sup", then I change the Video resolution to "1080p (1920x1080)" and change align to "Center" and then "Export all lines".

I have many videos which I need to extract their subtitles and this way of extracting the subtitles is really consuming time and require a lot of user intervention.

I was looking for a way to automate the process with the preferences I'm choosing, or processing many subtitles at once.

Subtitle Edit command line seems to be a convenient solution, but the issue is that it seems that .ts files are not supported as input files.

When I try the below command:

SubtitleEdit /convert "E:\Videos\Test.ts" Blu-raysup
I'm receiving the below error message: input file too large!

Appreciate any suggestions to resolve this issue with SE or propose any other solution that might help me.