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    Hi all. Been kicking around an effect that I thought was going to be easy, but not finding it. The idea is simple: Have it look like the screen has not refreshed. i.e: everything in each previous frame remains, and next frame is just superimposed. I've seen it done in capturing birds in flight, etc, to show patterns of movement. But not looking for a "blur" effect or the like, but a way to track changes in information gathered. Just like when your gpu is crashing, and you see the trail of the cursor across the screen. If anyone can recommend particular editor or effect available to cracked version of photoshop or illustrator, that would be great.

  2. Not totally sure I correctly get what you want, but to me it sound like you want to blend/merge x-frames together to get that usually is referred as ghosting,...
    Googling for "frame trail ghosting" might give you some instructions how this can be done with different tools,...
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    This effect is called "Echo" in Adobe's After Effects.

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