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  1. hi, i recently bought a ryzen 7 processor, and after a few days ive had major problems waking up from sleep and now hibernation, at first it wouldnt go to sleep, but it had made up its own ryzen 7 power plan, but once i put it back to the normal balanced plan it worked properly but within a few days, it just stopped waking up from sleep, so i have to restart it to get it going again, this morning it took 4 attempts to get it started and that included turning it off and on 3 times, ive now turned off automatic sleep or hibernation and tried it last night as manual sleep but its still not working, later today ill try manual hibernation but i tried that yesterday and had other problems, nothing happened last weekend when it just stopped waking up, it is turning into a major problem and i know many people have had problems with this aswell, i have an asus prime b350 mb, 16gb ram and a nvidia gtx 1050 graphics card, i have now formatted my hard drive and updated to windows 1903, i was previously on 1803 and like ive said apart from ryzen making its own plan ive never really had a problem with sleep and ive not changed any settings in weeks for this to change. the graphics card seems to be working fine, i dont have any onboard graphics to try but i have another pc with a gtx 1050, so i might try that and i think i might have a problem with my 2nd hard drive that doesnt contain windows

    so does anyone have any info that might help or something that works, there is so much info on this but i cant see any real fixes

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Update - so i manually went to hibernation before i went to work, and when i got home same old problem, wouldnt start properly, but there was no signal and it took ten attempts and me unplugging the psu from the mb to get it started, so its totally f***ked and looks like im just going to have to keep turning it off at bedtime and when i go to work rather than sleep or hibernation until a fix can be figured out
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  2. i tried to swap my graphics card last night to see if that had any impact on the problems, but it wouldnt install on the pc and kept crashing it so i ended up reinstalling windows, but it just kept crashing again so i had to put the other card back in, i dont get it, its the same card and works fine in the other pc, so at the moment i have no way of checking if its the graphics card thats causing the problem, but with windows reinstalled i put it to sleep last night without making any of the usual changes to the options and it was just exactly the same it started but there was no signal as usual, and took serveral attempts to restart it, so im basically f***ed, im just going to have to keep shutting it down at night at when i go to work which is a major problem
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    or you can just turn off your monitor.
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  4. For the Sleep issue perhaps a problem with the Ram (not 100% compatible maybe with your motherboard) or needs a bios update.
    Ask on these forums, they're very knowledgeable:
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  5. i done a ram check last night and everything is ok, the graphics card is f***ed it was always going to a black or white screen after a while and i downloaded a couple of programs to check it and they didnt complete, so ive temp went back to the old processor as it had onboard graphics until i get a new graphics card, my hard drive is also f***ed i think but on loading windows last night it detected a problem and seems to have fixed whatever problem it detected but the hard drive is 10 years old i think, so that will have be replaced also, i also upgraded the bios earlier, there was 1 or 2 updates, so that is all done, it has made the other graphics card even more volatile as windows doesnt load at all now, so i dont know whats wrong with that, im just going to make sure that works in the other pc later, it did work the last time i had it on
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  6. OK, sorry to be the boring one, but is your power supply up to the job? It's surprising how many seemingly unrelated issues can eventually be traced back to a struggling PSU.

    On a slightly different tack, have you checked your update history to see if you've had any recent driver updates? In particular network adapter drivers?
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  7. psu has been doing fine, really dont think its that, and i only get updates when i update it, so no updates but i formatted the drive on sat night and it was basically the same on sunday
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