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  1. I'm hoping someone can help. I have a video file that after the first 7 seconds; stops playing. The file size looks good, I want to fix that second or two as so the video plays though to the end; hoping it's only a second or two which is causing the video to stop playing.
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  2. What type of file is it? If you use the seek bar to zip past the bad section does it play the later parts of the video? Have you tried different players? Try a simple remux with mkvtoolnix.
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  3. It's an MP4 file. I tried using the seek bar to zip past it with the player I use; didn't work. I'll try another player in the mean time, although I'm doubtful it will work, although I'll try. How do I use mkvtoolnix, from the basics on me using this tool, it didn't solve the problem, it created an mkv file but same issue.
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  4. I was able to skip ahead with VLC player, the video resumes after roughly 4 minutes into what is a 6 minute video; therefore most of the video is damaged, it it repairable ?
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