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  1. hSplit is a small command-line tool that lets you split and join files bit by bit very quickly.

    This project is open source on GitHub.


    hSplit rev(init)
    hSplit.exe [Param1 [Value1 [Param2 Value2 ... ...]]] "Source.file" ["..."]
    -h > Show this Help
    -S > Segments: split file into segments (default is split Chunks)
         an array of comma separated start and end bytes is used
         values for start and end can be an Integer or a Hex string
         to use hex values set a first char to "h" -> h0-1000,2abc-4def
         the end byte is NOT included in the target file
         if an end value is set to 0, it means end of file(last byte)
         a byte pair of 0-0 means copy the entire file and will be skipped
         the start byte must be smaller than the end byte
    -s > Chunk size: value is an Integer and default means Megabyte (def=20)
         a first char can be set to define the value type
         b=Byte; k=Kilobyte g=Gigabyte
    -c > Chunks count: How many chunks should be written
         if not set or set to 0 means infinity until the source file ends (def=0)
    -t > Target folder: if not set or empty the source folder is used
    -n > Target file name: if not set or empty the source filename is used
    -P > Progress interval: Control how often the progress is send to the output
         value is a Byte from 0 to 255
         value 0 sends no progress numbers; 1=max 255=min (def=100)
    -J > Join files: value is a path for a target file
         only the -P switch can be used additionally
    ".." > Source file: MUST be the last parameter! Path to source file
    @".." > Path to a parameter file: MUST be the first parameter!
            The parameter file should be a simple text file
            You can use any name and extension for the file name
            Only source file parameters can be used additionally
    Parameter file
    Each line is used as a parameter
    If you don't set a source path in the parameter file,
    the source path(s) is(are) read from the command-line.
    You can use a root parameter file called "params.txt"
    Exists this file in the root folder of hSplit, it will be used automatically.
    If the "params.txt" is empty, it will be ignored.
    You can send a command while hSplit is running.
    Command will be executed after pressing the ENTER key
    "e" > User Exit: stops hSplit
    Exit codes
    hSplit sends at the end an exit code
    0 - all OK
    1 - no source file
    2 - error while loading source file
    3 - no target folder (not found or could not created)
    4 - chunk size too big (bigger than the source file size)
    5 - nothing to split (no data)
    6 - nothing to join (no data)
    7 - parameter file not found
    8 - parameter file is empty (only if used with the cli parameter)
    9 - wrong parameters
    99 - internal Lazarus error
    -1 - User Exit
    Split chunks:
    hSplit.exe "Path\to\source.file"
    split entire source file in 20mb chunks
    hSplit.exe -s 100 "Path\to\source.file"
    split entire source file in 100mb chunks
    hSplit.exe -s g2 -c 10 "Path\to\source.file"
    split 10 chunks with 2 gigabyte each
    hSplit.exe -t "trg dir" -c 10 -n "trg name" "Path\to\source.file"
    split 10 chunks with 20mb each to folder "tar dir" with name "trg name"
    the file extension is used from the source file
    Split segments:
    hSplit.exe -S 0-1000,5000-6000,500-1500 "Path\to\source.file"
    split three segments with 1000 bytes each
    hSplit.exe -S h0-1000,5000-6000,500-1500 "Path\to\source.file"
    split three segments with 4096 bytes each
    Join files:
    hSplit.exe -J "Path\to trg.file" -P 0 "Path\source.1" "Path\source.2"
    join 2 files without progress numbers
    Parameter file:
    hSplit.exe @"Path\to MyParam.file"
    all parameters are read from the parameter file
    hSplit.exe @"Path\to MyParam.file" "Path\to\source.file"
    the source parameter from command-line is used (no path in the parameter file)
    (if you want to join files, you can specify more command-line parameters)
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  2. It's good to have more options. But how does your software differ from the numerous other file splitters (many of which are free and open source too)?
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  3. You can split multiple segments and you can join files. It is not a new wheel, it's more for me to learn programming a cli tool.

    More info you will find in this thread.
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  4. A small update to rev0.01


    changelog hSplit
    added    &
    fixed    *
    improved #
    changed  %
    * small issue for joining if a source file is not present
    # size type can now be also the last char (1b or 2k or 3g)
      - only one type is allowed: first or last position
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  5. Code:
    change hSplit
    added &
    fixed *
    improved #
    changed %
    rev0.02 - 01.10.2020
        hSplit not working if the root parameter file (params.txt) is not present
        and no parameter file was set in the commandline
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