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    Hi, I have Xstreamer Prodigy media center. Rather old, but still working. I use it for playing content on internal HDD, rather than streaming over net. I upload the conternt from my PC (Windows 7) to the internal HDD and play from there. So far so good. But now I have upgraded PC to Windows 10 and suddenly I cannot see shared folder in media center. From other PC (Notebook, still with Windows 7) I still see folder named "Prodigy (Samba 3.0.23c)". But not from Win 10 PC anymore. Am I able still somehow configure Win 10 PC to see the shared folder ? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Assuming that you have the realtek 1186 version of the prodigy (and not the prodigy 4k version), the version of linux on the 1186-based prodigy is using smb v1. Win10 stopped enabling (by default) smb v1 some time ago.

    You can temporarily enable smb v1 on Win10 (see here) just long enough to copy the files over.

    The realtek 1186 has been out of production for quite awhile now. I don't believe any version of any realtek 1186 firmware ever had smb v2+ support.

    Maybe some hackers added it. The Russians are experts on all the old realtek media players. Search around moservices for smb v2 info.
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