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    Hi all
    I spent a bit of time about 6 months ago looking at this but I couldn't get a satisfactory result (see code snippet below).
    Every time I've seen this video, on the various free websites, it exhibits the same problem, I'm assuming something
    went wrong when it was originally ripped from a DVD and the same bad copy has been floating around for years.

    It's 20 fps, but you can clearly see the jumps where the missing frames should be bringing it up to 25 fps.

    Here's a clip from the beginning and my code attempt (which worked in a few situations but left these ugly smears in others)

    #loadplugin("D:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\dctfilter")
    #loadplugin("F:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.6\plugins\deblock.dll")
    #loadplugin("C:\Program Files (x86)\AviSynth\plugins\FrameRateConverter.dll")
    loadplugin("F:\Documents and Settings\Dave Xnet\Desktop\ApplyEvery\ApplyEvery.dll")
    #import("F:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.6\plugins\Deblock_QED_MT2MOd.avs")
    #import("F:\Documents and Settings\Dave Xnet\Desktop\jm.avs")
    orig=dss2("F:\Documents and Settings\Dave Xnet\Desktop\E12 Child's Play.mkv")
    #framerateconverter(Preset="normal", Newnum=25, framedouble=false,Blksize=8)
    #FrameRateConverter(25) #NewNum=25,NewDen=1)
    #convertfps(25) #hangefps(25)
    #jm_fps(25,dct=2) #,blksize=32)
    #Orig = WhateverSource()
    # Make a black clip, the same characteristics as your source
    # Insert black frame in those missing frames (just temporary placeholder, will replace later)
    InterleaveEvery(Black, 5,2)
    # Generates Missing Frames by interpolation
    sup = MSuper()
    #bv = MAnalyse(sup, isb=true, delta=2)
    #fv = MAnalyse(sup, isb=false, delta=2)
    bv = MAnalyse(sup, isb=true, delta=2) # ,search=5) #,chroma=false)
    fv = MAnalyse(sup, isb=false, delta=2) #,search=5) #,chroma=false)
    interpolated = MFlowInter(sup, bv, fv, time=50.0, ml=100).DuplicateFrame(0)
    replace = interpolated.SelectEvery(5,2) 
    # Delete Black Frames
    # Replace Deleted Frames With Interpolated Frames
    InterleaveEvery(replace, 5,2)
    #return last
    Thanks for looking
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  2. It looks pretty much like I would expect. None of the motion interpolation filters deal well with complex motions, rotations (2d or 3d) or with objects moving over complex backgrounds. You can try using InterFrame() which lets you tune for smoother motion with more distortions, or less smooth motion (frame blending) with less distortion.
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