Alright, I know many of you will yawn, but as a proponent of using as few of the largest drives* I can affordably get, this is exciting news for me!

It's probably too late for to get one now, but starting Friday 6/7 and ending today 6/9, BestBuy had 10TB WD Easystore drives for $160 instore only. That's $16/TB, ~0.018 cents per GB!

Reports are that they're currently either rebadged (white lablel) WD Red NAS drives or HGST helium drives. As I've stated in other threads, there is no special run of drives for use in external cases, they're drives from their regular line and subject to change at any time, as was the case a couple of years ago when 8TB Easystore drives were all WD Red NAS, then later replaced with lower cost drives, I think WD Green?

Also, some new Google Checkout account holders report getting $20-30 off (so $130-140) these drives. And those with BestBuy business alerts were offered 10TB Elements drives (BestBuy exclusive) for $129.

I don't need any drives right now, but I'm planning to stock up on 10TB drives for <$130-140 this coming Black Friday.

For those who cringe at potentially losing 10TB at one go *GASP*, that's what incremental and full backups are for!

There are others who go farther back (5MB?) than my initial 20MB! HDD, but I've learned the hard, hard lesson of the importance of backups.

*My logic is, fewer drives = fewer chances of failure. Plus, since I keep the majority of them in external drive towers, use of each bay adds to the cost.