I ripped the Blu-Ray disc to a folder some time ago (with AnyDVD HD?) I can play the complete movie on my Fire TV using Kodi 16.1 just fine, but now I want to watch it along with the Rifftrax track (using the Rifftrax app on my Windows 7 machine via MEmu). But I've learned with other Blu-Ray folders that running the app that way, it doesn't seem to "hear" AC3 surround audio (or perhaps anything other than AAC audio).

In order to get those other films to work with the Riff app, I've had to extract the video and audio then convert the audio to AAC. I've successfully done this every other time with TMPGEnc Video Master Works 6. But "The Avengers" has the most effed-up structure I've ever seen. There were about 60 titles, but only two of them are large enough to hold the main title, but they both have effectively the same content -- which stops dead after about 15 minutes!

I figured that this was another kind of copy protection, implemented with crazily complicated tables, and so I was prepared to have to extract multiple titles and join them manually, but the fact of the matter is that the remaining two hours of the film just aren't detectable. I've tried MakeMKV, CloneBD, and conversion via VLC, but I keep seeing the same thing: The first roughly 15 minutes and nothing else. I keep telling myself that the fault MUST be mine, but I can't think of anything else to try where four other respected tools have failed.

What the heck is the deal with The Avengers blu ray structure? What can I try next?

Thank you!