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  1. Hi everyone. In my script, when I apply prefilter=3 (dfttest), I get a significant amount of blur in my clip. As you can see, my source is animated content. I do not get this issue when I use prefilter 1 or 2. Why is this happening, and how can I solve it?
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  2. Oop! I figured it out. Just set isb to false in the script, and that clears it all up.
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  3. What did you use for deinterlacing?

    And smdenoise

    Would love to know what you use. I have a ton of cartoons on dvd.

    I use qtgmc for deinterlacing which seems great for live motion and film, havent tried it yet on cartoons.

    Do you use srestore at all to remove or fix blended frames.

    Iím kinda a n00b, use to use handbrake, until i discovered the hybrid app as a gui for vapoursynth.
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