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  1. Hi,

    Could anyone give me a sample of Dolby-E TS sample or lead to an available sample?

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  2. thanks. I'm working on SMPTE337 audio passthru for Dolby-E. I'm looking for TS based on that. ffmpeg forum discussion has a ST337.bin which is working with ffmpeg. Need another one to correlate and understand.
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  3. Thanks Pandy. I will look.

    From the incoming SMPTE-337 feed, I generated TS for passthrough. I tried using ffmpeg to convert my TS file with single stream audio (Dolby E) to wav so that I can play to verify whether TS formating is right. That's where I'm getting issues. ffmpeg identifies my file as smpte (as I store Pa/Pb/Pc/Pd before Dolby E Sync word), but not going beyond that.

    Probing s337m score:51 size:68508
    [mpegts @ 0000028ae07baa40] Probe with size=68508, packets=9 detected s337m with score=51

    [mpegts @ 0000028ae07baa40] probed stream 0 failed
    [mpegts @ 0000028ae07baa40] parser not found for codec none, packets or times may be invalid.

    The sample I got from ffmpeg forum is SMPTE-337 itself but TS packetized. When I convert that to TS using ffmpeg is decodes in pcm which is not useful for my purpose. I tried forcing decode with dolby-e but that didn't work.

    Looks like the link you send could give me more info. will investigate.. Thanks.
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