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  1. First, sorry for my bad english...

    I have the avermedia cg573 4k, I capture from TV , when I try to capture at 30fps , here comes the problem, when I turn off pc monitor, and then turn on again, I check there appears low fps problem, and recentral 4 says that message, then I wait a few seconds and it returns again to 30fps normally.

    Why this happen if the pc monitor is connected with displayport direct to monitor, and the avermedia is conected to TV with hdmi directly, so, no direct relation between them.

    I checked somethings to try solve the problem, like change the energy plan, and put full performance, I try to turn off/turn on the monitor , and always the same problem. When I record that way in 50fps the record finally goes at around 30fps and is not displaying correct.

    I tried to turn off monitor using pc commands, not using the buttons to turn off, then there is no problem, when I move mouse the monitor goes to live again and shows correct fps since second one. But I have some problems to work well the turn off function using only pc commands, not always works correct.

    I have ryzen 2700x no overclocked, and nvidia 1080 ti

    I think problem could be that when I dissconnect the monitor the cpu can lower the fps, but I don't know why this happen if finally this is the problem.

    I also tried to disabled C-status in BIOS , but I'm not expert in that .
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  2. Of course turning off your monitor while capturing is going to cause problems. The computer/graphics card has to renegotiate the connection and that is going to cause delays. System function like that run a high priority and will block other processes. If your capture software has the ability to disable preview while capturing it might work better.
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