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  1. Hi all, looking for some collective wisdom. I have an OK OPD 250 player - and I want to unlock it for all regions' DVDs (purchased in Switzerland, I mostly want to be able to show North American and European discs). Videohelp has a code for the OPD220 -using this advice and the setup button instead of info, I can enter the code, and the TV screen turns black. It does not give me any options to enter numbers or change setup.
    Is there another code I should use? Any other suggestions? TV is a Panasonic Viera, but I don't think that matters.
    thanks all!
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  2. I tried code for the OPD 220 as well and the screen tinted red (menues still readable), maybe because i use scart?
    But no other change or new menu.
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  3. Thanks Spinell, at least now I know it is not just me. Will keep trying
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  4. Hey guys,

    I only registered to help you, as I had the same problem and literally just spent hours to figure it out.

    So here’s how it’s done:

    1. Press SETUP
    2. Go to "Preferences" (not the general setup page but the preference page)
    3. Enter 1, 3, 7, 9
    4. Change region using UP/DOWN
    5. Press ENTER

    You can set the region to 0 and you won't need to change it ever again.

    I hope this helps.
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  5. IT WORKED!!! Thanks so much I___hate_OK -you are my hero of the day!
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